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Key People


Gavin Vongkusolkit


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Chef Tawan
Executive Chef

Peter Salee
Operations Manager



The true Modern DInING CULTURE


Odtomato is an expression of modern Australian dining culture through the touches of a mother and son. We are not here to push the boundaries of modern cuisines but rather to keep the experience fresh, fun, and relevant to the neighborhood and the people like us who live here.



We look forward to embracing our family tradition of crafting social meeting places for our friends, centered on the aromas of our unique blends of coffee, the natural flavors of our scrumptious food, and the colorful collection of beverages we had so much fun curating - a place for nibbling, sipping, flirting, laughing, sharing, playing, tweeting, meeting, and just hanging out. 



So that you will feel a sense of warm welcome and human connection and leave - as with all the best memories that last - remembering the people you happened upon, rather more than the food you ate, the wine you had, or the interior design (although we think they are rather special too).

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